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Treacle George Pudding!

What's in a name?

A couple of very important things...  Not only is Treacle George the nickname of George, my youngest son (he's a great footballer but looks like he is running through Treacle!)  but to my surprise, it is also the name for an old Edwardian English pudding, reckoned to be ‘a wholesome and attractive dish for children’!

The Treacle George recipe was originally published in ‘Pot-Luck’ or ‘The British Home Cookery Book’ in 1914 by Mary Clarissa 'May' Byron (née Gillington). The British writer and poet lived from 1861-1936 and was best known for her abridgements of J M Barrie’s Peter Pan books.


1. Take a shallow cake-tin, or a deep plate, or a pie-dish and butter it;

2. Place at the bottom a layer of pastry (short-crust) about a quarter of an inch thick;

3. Over this put a layer of treacle;

4. Over this a layer of fine breadcrumbs, sufficient to hide the treacle;

5. Over this squeeze a little lemon-juice; then put a layer of pastry;

6. Go on in the same rotation until the tin is filled up to the height of three or four inches or so.

7. Bake in a fairly quick oven, remove from tin, and serve either hot or cold.

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