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Treacle George is an online homewares store & UK Distributor for Muurla Design

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Not only are those Finns the happiest folk in the world (six years in a row at the time of writing!), they're also a clever bunch with a distinct design pedigree of their own. Like the Scandi design powerhouses of Sweden and Denmark, their style is rooted in Nordic minimalism for sure, but as a layman (I'm a merchant not a maker) it feels like Finnish Design is often enriched with warmer, more decorative influences, and with generous dollops of inspiration from their natural environment. Anyhow, there is no arguing with their fabulous design heritage, e.g. Arabia, Artek, Iittala, Marimekko, whatever the inspiration.

Muurla is a relatively new kid on the Finnish design scene. Actually, their story began way back in 1974, with a glass factory located near the town of Muurla (an hour so from Helsinki in the car), but in recent years Muurla has shifted emphasis, evolving into a modern design house, where Finnish design and functionality form the core of their design philosophy. Moomin products (it's Finland after all) also form a big part of their collection with Muurla now a key Moomin licensees producing products in enamel, glass and Finnish birch. 


The best dinner parties we've hosted are when I've forgotten to put water glasses on the table.   Hydration, exclusively with beer and wine, seems to make for a good ol' night!  I have no empirical evidence for this, pretty obvious though I think it is - although, I suppose our neighbour, Claire, falling asleep (booze induced not my boring stories) with her face in the pudding, on a non-water glass evening, could perhaps count as empirical evidence!

Admittedly, we were much younger then and who cares about a hangover when you're young!  Everything is about the night, without even a care for tomorrow.  Nowadays, quite the reverse. I'm getting jumpy a few hours before the night has even started, concerned about the morning after the night before! 😱

Uncle Jim, in the late 1970's, wore bright jackets and drove an Audi 80 down the motorway at 100mph. I loved my Uncle Jim!

He also unwittingly introduced me to Peanuts via the bookshelves at the top of his and Auntie Toni's stairs (in Foxgrove Road, Beckenham) which were full to the brim with Peanuts comic strip paperbacks, by someone called 'Charles M. Schulz'.  

I didn't really understand what they were, and certainly didn't read them, over and above a quick flick inside one of them; I was too busy drinking Coca Cola and getting up to mischief with my cousins, Catherine and Sarah (twins nicknamed by Jim, Waff and Wheeze). But the books lodged in my head, all the same.

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