ZONE Denmark | IceMaker

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Icemaker is a brilliant ice cube tray from Zone Denmark.

It's pure genius for making ice cubes easily, hygienically and with a clear conscience

Fill the Icemaker, freeze it, release the ice cubes inside the bottle by pulling the straps on the side – and then pour the ice cubes directly into your jug or drink.

Icemaker is dishwasher-safe and is simply brilliant! We love it!

Also, there’s no single-use here, and no plastic residue in your glass.

Icemaker can be rinsed, refilled and frozen again and again.

The bottle is 100% free of BPA and phthalates, for the sake of both you and the environment.

Reasons to buy:

• Antibacterial ice cubes
• 18 big ice cubes per refill
• Prevents odor absorbtion
• Phthalate free, BPA free

• Pour directly into drink
• Stackable design
• 100% water tight
• Dishwasher-safe


Dimensions:  Length: 21cm | Width 11.8cm | Height: 5.5cm

Material:  Plastic BPA & Phthlate FREE