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Swedish Christmas Gnome by Asas Tomtebod | Lill-Sune


Colour: Grey

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  • A handmade Swedish Santa Claus of wool, sheepskin and wood.
  • Bearded 'Tomte' are hugely popular gifts and decorations
  • A Christmas tradition in Scandinavia.
  • Each Tomte is handmade, unique and mischievous
  • They love having their beards tickled!

These are Swedish Tomte, also known as Nisse in Norway and Denmark, and Tonttu in Finland.  Tomte are shy, solitary, mischievous characters who protect and look after farmsteads, animals and families.

Tradition has it that on Christmas Eve you should leave a bowl of porridge out, to show your gratitude, respect and thanks for their hard work!


Asas Tomtebod was founded in 1993 in a small cottage in Ornaholm, in the Smaland region of Sweden.

Each Tomte is handmade with materials strictly from nature. Using the curly grey wool of the Gotland sheep along with warm water and soap, they creat a felt that is then hand shaped into caps and noses.  The beards are made from sheep wool from Gotland and Iceland.

Each Tomte is unique with his own character and will happily sit on the fireplace, windowsill or shelf.

NB. Some Tomte beards are straight, some are curly. If you have a preference then we will try and accommodate this when selecting for your order.  Each and every one of them is unique and lovely.



  • A genuine Tomte from Asas Tomtebod in Sweden
  • Colour: Grey, Red 
  • Material: Wool, Sheepskin, Leather
  • Height 9-10cm tall.
  • Made in Sweden

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