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**Outer box has shop marks, but the actual String pocket has never been unpacked and is brand new - ex-showroom stock**

String® Pocket is a complete shelving package that includes two panels and three shelves and is a member of the award-winning, timeless string® collection designed by Nils and Kajsa Strinning in 1949.

Available in a range of colours and materials to suit all interiors, String® Pocket can be combined in a whole host of ways. With one packet you get one shelving unit, while with two you can build up to three sections. Ideal for paperback books, DVDs, ornaments plants and so much more, it works brilliantly where space is limited. 


Size: H: 50cm | W: 60cm | D: 15cm

Material: Wood and powder-coated steel

Colour: Shelves: Black-stained Ash | Panels: Black

Made in Sweden


When leading Swedish publishing house Bonnier staged a competition calling for an affordable, easy to install shelving system for books back in 1949, few could have predicted the success story that would follow.

Husband and wife Nils and Kajsa Strinning came up with an ingenious solution. Flexible, elegant and minimalistic, it was crowned the winner and so String was born. The couple went on to refine the system to perfection, making sure it was beautiful as well as functional, and today it stands proudly as a timeless design with proven durability.

The addition of shelves, folding tables, cabinets and more over the past 60 years mean String can be infinitely expanded and has the ability to grow and change with customers over time.

Sister collections Plex, Pocket, Works and + ensure string® is a system for much more than just books...

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