STELTON | Arne Jacobsen | Cylinda-line | Salad Bowl

£209.00 £209.00

Sleek, aesthetic and without superfluous details, Arne Jacobsen's Salad Bowl in stainless, satin polished steel decorates with its simple and timeless form. The serving can be topped off with matching AJ Salad Servers.

Cylinda-line and the AJ collection is the very essence of Stelton’s DNA. The minimalist, cylindrical design of this iconic and award-winning cocktail and tableware series first launched in 1967 has become a timeless classic.

With an astounding curiosity, originality and creativity, the world-renowned Jacobsen played a crucial role in modernism and Danish design history and boasts an influence that lives on into the present day.


Measurements: H: 14cm | Ø: 25cm

Material: Steel

Weight:  1.920kg