STELTON | Arne Jacobsen | Cylinda-line | Coffee Pot | 1.5l

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The classic coffee pot designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1967 was one of the first designs produced for the Cylinda-line range. Modern and cutting-edge in its day, it soon became a true design icon.

Cylinda-line and the AJ collection is the very essence of Stelton’s DNA. The cylindrical design of this award-winning cocktail and tableware series first launched in 1967 has become a timeless classic.

With an astounding curiosity, originality and creativity, the world-renowned Jacobsen played a crucial role in modernism and Danish design history and boasts an influence that lives on into the present day.


Measurements: W: 25cm | L: 27cm | H:16cm

Volume: 1.5l

Material: Steel

Weight: 1.334kg