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SKAGERAK | Atlantis Umbrella | Square 330 | 4 week delivery


  • Keep cool in the shadows with this beautiful parasol
  • Designed by Skagerak of Denmark
  • Strong fabric - Teflon treated and Leather Reinforced
  • Foot of the pole is metal reinforced protecting against wear and tear.
  • Pole in lacquered Kapur Wood, highly suitable because of its inherent durability
  • Double Pulley System making it easy to fold up and down.
  • UV protection UPF50+ = the maximum protection for fabrics

Designed by Skagerak Design

Take shelter from the sun and enjoy a nice outdoor lunch under the Atlantis umbrella.

While the fabric has been leather-reinforced to enhance the strength, the foot of the wooden pole is metal-reinforced to protect against wear and scratches when placed in the foot. A double-pulley system makes it easy for everyone to fold up the umbrella – now ready to keep you cool during hot summer days for many years to come.

UV-protection: UPF50+, which is the maximum sun protective rating achievable for fabrics.


Lacquered Kapur Wood

Fabric / White

FSC 100%

WxH: 330x277 cm

Pole Ø: 4,8 cm

Item no. S1910095


1 pcs

WxDxH: 23x23x270 cm

Weight: 24 kg


Proper usage and maintenance are vital for getting the most out of the valuable resources we have. Our designs are made to last for generations, but just like everything else, they need a little care to get there.

Parasol Fabric

The fabric is teflon treated, which makes it water and dirt repellent. Be aware that the fabric is not waterproof.

Cleaning and maintenance 

If the fabric becomes dirty, try to remove the dirt with a brush or damp cloth. Washing is not recommended as this will damage the treatment and the fabric may shrink.

Replacement parasol fabric is available.

Winter storage 

During winter it is advisable to store the parasol fabric in an unheated room such as a garage or cellar. To avoid marks and stains it is important to ensure that the fabric is completely dry before storing.

Important: Only umbrellas with a maximum size of 270 cm can be placed in the center hole of tables.

Kapur Wood


Kapur is commonly found in Southeast Asia. The Skagerak Kapur comes from Indonesia and is FSC 100% certified.

Kapur is a strong, durable type of wood – making it the perfect choice for parasol poles.


Use soapy water and wipe with a dry cloth or use suitable furniture cleaner for outdoor use.


The parasol pole has been lacquered. The wood comes in a variety of warm colours and patinates very little as time goes by because of the treated surface. It is important that the parasol is fitted with a stabile stand in an umbrella foot to prevent damages on the pole. Always make sure the chosen size of parasol is compatible with the strength and weight of the umbrella foot. All Skagerak umbrellas larger than size Ø270, including size 270x270, require an umbrella foot of minimum 50 kg.

Note: Regarding item number S1910130 Catania Umbrella Ø270: Remember to retighten the metal joint on the parasol pole from time to time; making sure the two parts are not loosening up as this will damage the brackets and increase the risk of tilting.

Winter storage 

During the winter it is advisable to store the parasol in an unheated room such as a garage or cellar. However it is possible to leave the parasol outside all year round if using a cover. 

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