SERAX | Terres De Rêves | Coffee Cup | Misty Grey/Smokey Blue

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The perfect size coffee cup?  Always a tricky one!

Are you in the European 'Not Too Big' Camp,  or British / American 'Bigger the Better' (more for tea than coffee) one?

This is very much a 'European' Coffee Cup.  15cl Capacity.  

For me, as a strong coffee drinker (stovetop mocha pot when at home) it is just the perfect size.

So, if you drink espresso type coffee in any form I think this could be for you.  

best wishes, Laurence

The eclectic earthenware Terres De Rêves collection came to life in 2013 when Belgian designer Anita Le Grelle decided to dismantle one of her older works of art, a Babylonian tower with stacks of cylinders and spirals, made from ceramics, wood and sand. She used this for molds in the form of a small bowl, which in turn saw the coffee cup and other objects created. The range is characterised by imperfections and quirks that add up to a new, fragile form of perfection.

Serax is the brainchild of Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche, two brothers who were brought up amidst the flowerpot trade in their mother’s business. Over the past 30 years, the small-scale business that started up in a garage in 1986 has grown into a multinational which has its head office in Antwerp. All Serax collections are carefully chosen with the purpose of creating interiors that bring happiness – with the brand ensuring that every single one is crafted traditionally.


Material:  Glazed stoneware

Dishwasher Safe

Size: Ø 8cm | H: 5.1cm | Capacity: 15 cl

Weight: 150g