RITZENHOFF | The Next 25 Years | Milk Glass | Limited Jubilee Edition | Sieger Design

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What began with the design of a milk glass 25 years ago unfolded as an unforeseen success for Ritzenhoff, with millions of objects sold worldwide. The anniversary collection features a milk glass with a tapered shape and flatter form than its predecessor, making it a contemporary yet classic piece. The white of the milk, once poured into the glass, offsets the 12 different designs wonderfully.

Exclusive and expressive, this limited  edition of the 'Star Explosion' milk glass complements the new milk glass range. Sieger design has created a truly dazzling decor that brings the stars to your glass.


Dimensions: H: 128mm D: 78mm  | Vol: 0.25l | Material: Glass | Dishwasher safe | Made in Germany