RITZENHOFF | Beer Glass | Gabriel Weirich 2010

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  • The most prestigious high-tech glassworks in Germany
  • A family-run company that produces 50 million glasses every year
  • RITZENHOFF is always premium-level quality.
  • Each glass is designed by a prestigious designer from around the world.
  • Glasses in every shape and style
  • RITZENHOFF is well known as a producer of designer gifts.   Start your collection today.

We have beer to thank for so many anecdotes, idioms and stories and there’s no doubt its taste is at its finest when it comes from a glass. With its expertise in stem glassware, Ritzenhoff have developed a glass to do this wonderful “barley juice” true justice and, what’s more, it comes complete with coasters and a stylish gift box.

All of Ritzenhoff’s truly original products are handmade using traditions dating back as far as the 18th century, when wood from the dense forests close to the brand’s base in Marsberg, Germany, was used in the first glassworks to fire the melting furnaces that turned quartz sand into glass..


Dimensions: H: 215mm Ø: 60mm

Vol: 0.4l

Material: Glass

Dishwasher safe

Made in Germany