RITZENHOFF | Aspergo | White Wine Glass | Set of 6

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  • Simple, stylish, everyday Glasses make up the Aspergo collection
  • Everything you'll ever need: Three Wine Glasses, a Champagne and a Tumbler
  • The most prestigious high-tech glassworks in Germany
  • A family-run company that produces 50 million glasses every year
  • RITZENHOFF is always premium-level quality.

''This glass emphasises the wine's fresh and fruity flavour. For fruity, slightly acidic or mineral wines influenced by their terroir Riesling, Sauvignon, Green Veltliner, Silvaner, Chardonnay, sweet wines''

Wine-lovers Alain Langlois and Barbara Wolf-Sykes – with more than 30 years of distilling experience between them – created the Aspergo series for Ritzenhoff. Their aim was to conjure up a glass that had the optimum effect on the taste of the wine it is holding and the range has since been expanded to cater for long drinks, champagne and beer.

Aspergo means "drop" in Latin. This not only refers to the drop in the glass, but was also inspired by the architecture of the new Ritzenhoff showroom. All of Ritzenhoff’s truly original products are handmade using traditions dating back as far as the 18th century, when wood from the dense forests close to the brand’s base in Marsberg, Germany, was used in the first glassworks to fire the melting furnaces that turned quartz sand into glass.


Dimensions: H 235mm Ø 78mm

Vol: 0.36l

Material: Glass

Dishwasher safe