RIG-TIG | Cool-It | Water carafe | 1.5L | Dusty Green

£24.95 £24.95

RIG-TIG is a member of the Stelton family and, when translated from Danish, means ‘just right’. Signified by Scandinavian design philosophy, the brand uses an environmentally-conscious approach to deliver functional products that make life easier and fun and aims to create a beautiful universe around food preparation and baking.

This lovely, practical glass carafe is just perfect for all of your beverages … keep water or fruit juice in the fridge so that chilled drinks are ready to serve for breakfast, lunch or an evening meal. Drinks can also be spiced up with a slice of cucumber, ginger or lime. Designed by Francis Cayouette, a Cadandian who was educated in Montreal and Paris, the carafe sports smart open-and-close detailing – simply flip the rubber ball down for pouring, and then up again to seal it.


Dimensions: Ø: 9.5cm | H: 32cm | Vol: 1l

Weight: 0.364kg

Material: Glass and rubber