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MUURLA | Nordic Won't Slip Tray | The Fern | 42cm x 32cm


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  • Muurla Design's 'Won't Slip' Trays
  • Unique non-slip layer.
  • Very high Quality - Handmade in Finland from Finnish Birch.
  • Food Safe.
  • A safe and secure way to serve your guests.
  • Or for breakfast in bed!
  • Dishwasher Safe

Muurla's Non Slip Tray is an excellent choice when you want safe and secure way to serve breakfast in bed for example.

You can now find Muurla's Non Slip Trays in three new beautiful designs: Dawn, Dahlia and Flower Field.

Muurla's Non Slip Trays have an unique non-slip layering, that prevents dishes from sliding on the tray. The products are also dishwasher safe. All trays are handmade in Finland from Finnish birch.


1 x The Fern Won't Slip Tray

Handmade in Finland

Birch Veneer. Non-Slip Layer

42 x 32cm

Dishwasher Safe

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