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MUURLA | Nordic Candle | The Pine | 60 Hours Burn Time


  • Nordic Candle by Muurla Design. Burn time 60 hours
  • Due to concave design the outer surface of the candle does not melt, allowing the candle light to glow through the pattern.
  • Once the 60 hours has elapsed, the candle can continue to be used with tea-lights.

Scandinavian nature with its vast wilderness, deep forests and animal inhabitants has inspired the Nordic series by Muurla. Designed by Kata Nowak-Kiminki. 


1 x Nordic The Pine Candle

Size: Ø: 10cm x Height: 12cm

Burning time: Up to 60 hours.

100% Unscented Parrifin

The outer core of the candle does not melt allowing it to be re-used with tealights.

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