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MUURLA | Moomin In The Kitchen | Enamel Saucepan 0.8L


Have fun in the kitchen with the Moomins!

The beating heart of Moominhouse is the kitchen, filled with Moomins and their friends. And with this crowd a mess is inevitable! Little My definitely looks like she’s plotting something. Will Moominmamma’s everlasting temper finally be tested?

This 0.8L Saucepan is part of Muurla's In The Kitchen range, also featuring a larger 1.5L and 3.5L Pots with Lids,  and a chopping / serving board.

Carbon Steel Enamel is a fantastic cooking material and can be used on any heat source - from open campfires out and about in the countryside, right through to use on modern induction cookers. Anything!

Muurla's enamel is dishwasher safe.


Volume:0.8L | 25cm L x 14.5cm W x 10.5cm H

Material: Carbon Steel Enamel (brilliant cookware material - can be used on any heat source, including induction)

Dishwasher safebut do not use in microwave

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