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MÅLERÅS | Poppy | Bowl | Medium


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This delightful sandblasted bowl, with its body handpainted in red, is part of the Poppy collection by Målerås Glasbruk.

After starting life in the designer's sketchbook, Poppy objects are created with love by highly-skilled experts at the largest privately-owned glassworks in Sweden, which boasts a proud tradition dating way back in 1890. Using an exclusive crystal recipe, picks up reflected light which gives the glass an extra clarity and beauty.

Designer Mats Jonasson started work as an apprentice engraver at the glassworks in 1959 before going on to work with many of the most respected contemporary glass artists in Sweden. During this period, he developed a style which he has since perfected and remains inspired by the natural world around him.


Size: Ø 190mm | H 60mm

Material: Glass

Care: Handwash only

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