madetostay | Lumina Sentire Scented Candle | Sensational

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A double walled borosilicate glass candleholder which isolates the heat from the candle so that no tabletop can be damaged or any fingers burned when relocating the candle where you need it to cast its beautiful natural and warm light. Candles are handpoured with natural sunflower wax and the composition of wax and perfume is balanced carefully. After the bright candle extinguishes we suggest to keep the glass and use it with tea lights.  Simply a pleasure of enlightenment on a warm summer night or a winter’s eve.

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Wax: Sunflower and GMO free soy wax

Wick: 100% cotton

Burning Time: Approx. 40 hours

Designer: Carsten Joergensen

Dimensions: Ø 85 mm x H 75 mm

Data Sheet: Download