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MADETOSTAY | Bud Pendant | Design: Carsten Joergensen | Made in Italy | On Demand Production - delivered in 4 to 6 weeks.


  • The 'Tesla' of cocooning pendant lighting
  • Made in Italy, with 21st century technology and materials
  • Hard Steel Frame cocooned in a translucent polymer web
  • Brass Fittings
  • E27 Light Fitting / 4 metres of cable
  • Soft Warm Light
  • Simple subtle beauty & elegance
  • Designed in Switzerland by design house Made to Stay


Made to Stay: Bud Pendant

The Bud Pendant is one of the most outstanding results of the designer’s fascination with elementary geometric forms. While the wireframes of the lamps are composed of simple curved and straight lines, the lamps’ true formal complexity only comes to light once the cocoons material has been applied. This shape reminds us of a bud shortly before it opens its leaves to unfold its geometric beauty.

Background to Made To Stay Lighting

The simple act of placing a candle inside a translucent hollow object could be considered the source of all lamp designs and time hasn’t changed much to our perception of what lamps should look like to be considered a lamp. It has even taken infinite detours of shapes and materials but it hasn’t changed the principle of shielding the light source from our eyes.

I consider the lantern as we know them from Asia to be the mother of all shaded lamps. Evolving from a simple and practical human consideration, it fascinates that a practical solution, securing that the cocooned candle wasn’t extinguished by wind or by rain and snow, turned out to become an icon of all lamp designs to follow. It isn’t surprising that both light and lanterns throughout Asia over time became the source and subject of endless myths, although the immediate and practical purpose to avoid the candle to extinguish, as in many examples of great design, putting it down to sheer functionality. This is where the madetostay lamps take their inspiration.


Ø: 512 mm / Height: 512 mm / Suspension Max 4000 mm Canopy/cover: Ø 78mm / Height 24mm

Cord Length / Colour:

4 Meters | Black, White or Red Cord (please specify when ordering)


Warm Diffused Light / E27 LED Dimmable / A++ / 12 Watt / Lumen 1420 / Kelvin 2700 / CRI 80 /


Cocooning fibre ISOCON® is a thin polymer/plastic web (ISOWEB®) combined with 2 (ISOCON® and ISOFINISH M/L®) copolymer layers sprayed by hand over the internal structure of white-coated steel wires.

Bottom and top caps are made of brass-plated steel.

Full Specification | Mounting Instructions

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