KOSTA BODA | Brick Votive | D 85 MM | Purple

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Kosta Boda Glassworks

Kosta Boda's glassworks is Sweden’s oldest glassworks still in operation - the furnaces here have been lit since 1742!  

Kosta Boda is one of the world’s leading brands of art glass. Technology and an understanding of glass have been refined here in the heart of the forests in the Swedish province of Småland. The glassware is vibrant, bold, innovative and provocative. It stands out and takes centre stage. Kosta Boda is true passion.

Our designers are some of the most renowned – not just in Sweden, but worldwide. Their common denominator is a passion for exploring the possibilities of glass, always stretching the limits of what is feasible. The techniques used are both classical and brand new, often developed by the craftspeople in the glassworks as they work on transforming the designers’ ideas into products.

The close dialogue between the designers and skilled craftspeople takes place on a daily basis and will continue to form the foundation for creating unique glassware to delight people today and future generations.

Designer: Anna Ehrner

“For me, creativity takes place in the glass blowing room. This is were the glass is conceived, where it is fashioned and comes alive. I want to work with the glass, not against it. In my designs, I try to follow along with the melt, with the sheer power of the glass, although I try at the same time identify the simple and subtle.” Anna Ehrner is experimental and stylistic in her expression. Her work is characterised by minimalistic yet powerful design language. Coloured lines inside the glass are a recurring feature for Anna Ehrner.

Swedish Art Glass
75 mm
85 mm
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