IMAGE REPUBLIC | Emilie Arnoux | Light Childs | Delivered in 3 weeks


Size: 30x40cm - Delivered in 3 weeks

○ Contemporary Art Print by Image Republic

○ Artist: Emilie Arnoux

○ High Quality Matt Paper 

 Available in three sizes: 30x40 | 40x50 | 56x76

○ Presented under a passe-partout card mount (wooden frame not included)

○ Made in France

About the Artist:

Emilie Arnoux is an artist known under the name of “Elim”.

Her large oil paintings, which are inspired by pop and beach culture as well as Surf Art, capture one’s eyes by their contagious positive energy.

Emilie grew up by the beach and, very early on, she built herself her own universe, mixing her passion for water sports, her happy life by the beach, her fascination for America in the 1950s and the 1960s and the poster style of that time.     

At 10 years old, she started feeding her future style by collecting old prints of advertisements such as the Matson Line ones selling Los-Angeles to Hawaii cruises, old Saturday Evening Post covers, Elvgreen pin-up girls and Rockwell illustrations. At that time, drawing occupies all of her leisure time. She tirelessly practices for hours the graphic style of that era while expressing her passion for the seaside and nautical activities.

At 13 years old, she paints her first oil canvas. At 16, she starts following Fine Arts evening classes at the famous Beaux-Arts in Paris.

At 17, she enters the ENSAT/ENSAG school in Paris to study graphic art and architecture in order to start a career in scenography or illustration.

Upon graduation, she moves back to live by the sea and makes the conscient decision that painting will be her career choice. Her style is immediately noticed and very quickly, she is proposed her first own exhibition even though she has only painted 4 canvas and needs to create it all.

In 2007, thanks to her success, she can open her own art gallery in Trouville a few meters away from the sea.

In 2010, her work is presented at the French pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo.

In 2012, she is introduced as the nautical painter of the year at the Nautical Trade Show in Paris.     

From then on, her original work starts exporting around the world: USA, Europe, South America, Africa, etc.

Today she exhibits in New York and in the major contemporary art shows throughout the USA and Europe.

Her work continues to grow thanks to her American travels, going from Key West to California and even Hawaii.

With this collection, Image Republic sends you an invitation to travel, an appeal to childhood nostalgia and to the wonders of the Californian dream and its Beach Culture.

Like for a road movie, let yourself be transported into Emilie's work. If you close your eyes, you will almost feel the warm wind on your eyelids.

 Material: Quality matt paper

Print is presented under a passe-partout mount. The dimensions include the print and the passe-partout.  No frame included. 

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