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HOLMEGAARD | Scala Clear Storage Jar | 50cl


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Holmegaard- Ahead of it's time since 1825- By appointment to the Royal Danish Court

Today, as then, Holmegaard engages leading designers to create modern, functional glass for your home and table. With integrity.

The practical Scala storage Jar by Holmegaard was originally designed by Ole Palsby, and the design has subsequently been refreshed by Maria Berntsen. The jar has a capacity of 0.5 l and has characteristic grooves with a measuring scale, which makes it easy to read the volume in the Storage Jar. Hence the name Scala. The glass is machine-pressed with a grey silicone seal and stainless steel spring wire handle. The smart clamping of the lid closes the Storage Jar tightly while providing a way of carrying it by the lid. Aesthetics, practicality and technology add up to a greater whole in this Holmegaard Storage Jar, and you can fill the glass with whatever you wish.

Maria Berntsen is an industrial designer who has had her own practice since 1992. She finds her design inspiration in architecture, nature, fashion and current trends. Maria Berntsen has a special love of glass as a material with its visual lightness and its ability to capture and reflect light.


Series: Scala

Designer: Maria Berntsen

Colour: Clear




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