FERMOB | Oiseaux Steel Trivet with rubber feet | Various Colours |


  • Stylish 'Bird' Dining Trivets in Steel
  • Sold as an individual trivet @ £19.95 (Fermob sell them as pre-determined colour pairs but we split them up so you can choose the colour(s) you want)
  • Work best as a pair (Cost £39.90 for a pair)
  • A poetic design ideally suited to all tables
  • Made in Steel with anti UV powder coating for outdoor use
  • 100% heat resistant
  • Trivets come with built in rubber feet to protect table
  • Made in France 🇫🇷

**PLEASE NOTE we sell these as as individual trivet for £19.95 each. Please add an additional colour, or 2 of the same colour, if you want to make up a pair for you table**

Dimensions: Each trivet measures: 18.6cm x 16.8cm