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CUERO DESIGN | Luxurious Icelandic Sheepskin | 3 Colours


Colour: Icelandic Wild White

  • Icelandic Sheepskins are some of the finest sheepskins in the world
  • Experience their exceptionally soft, warm, feel and touch.
  • Use as a Rug, Blanket or Throw - a luxurious adaptable accessory.
  • Perfect for adding warmth to a chair, sofa or floor
  • Available in wild white, wild black, wild brown or wild grey

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The Icelandic Sheepskin by Cuero Design is a luxurious adaptable accessory that can be used as a rug, blanket, or throw, enriching a living space by adding a soft tactile texture.

Icelandic sheep are one of the oldest and purest breeds in the world, relating back to a breed that was brought to Iceland by the Vikings thousands of years ago. To survive the cold winters, the sheep have developed an Ultra-thick wool coat that is both long lasting and soft to touch. The sheepskin is perfect for adding warmth to a lounge chair or sofa, or for being elegantly placed over a footstool or bed; creating an inviting atmosphere of comfort, restfulness and security; ideal for the cold winter months.
Available in white, black, brown or rare natural grey.

Length: approx. 110-120cm – each sheepskin will vary in size.

Materials & finishes
Eco tanned Icelandic sheepskin. Certified by the Icelandic Lambskin Marketing Board, the sheepskin has no colouring agents and has been naturally treated in order to retain the organic properties of the wool.

Care & Maintenance
In order to maintain the plush texture of the sheepskin, it is recommended to let it hang overnight in the fresh air, and regularly shake and brush the wool carefully. To remove stains and give the wool new freshness, spray with water until damp, cover with potato or corn starch and rub in, leave it to dry, vacuum or brush the starch away and then shake off any residues.

Natural properties of wool:

  • Dirt repellent
  • Resistant to: water, flame, static electricity
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Hypoallergenic

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