BITOSSI CERAMICHE | Rimini Blu by Aldo Londi | Le Minature | Bassotto


Crafted in Italy by experts in ceramic production, this basset hound figure in classic blue is a unique and striking addition to any home. It is a member of the renowned Rimini Blu series which has been produced for more than 60 years at Manifattura Bitossi following meticulous research and experimentation by its designer, Aldo Londi.

The 'Le Minature' series by Bitossi Ceramiche features ten playful subjects from the original line, launched in the 1950s. Failthfully replicating the expansiveness of the shapes and vividness of the colours, each minature has been made by hand in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces.


Size: H: 3cm | L: 11.1cm

Material: Pressed in white refractory clay then fired. Decoration engraved by hand with various patterns stencilled on raw clay, under glossy blue crystalline glaze.