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Roll with the punches of winter!  

When I first started visiting Scandinavia I was always shocked (in a good way) about how their lighting is so different to ours.  It's much softer. Much less in your face!  And shaped, and subtle, and lovely, frankly.  

They, of course, have learnt to deal with the long dark days and just roll with what it throws at them!

The one lamp I think is head and shoulders above the others is the YUH Lamp by Louis Poulsen.  It's modern, with all the latest LED technology. The shade can be rotated,  it can be lifted high, or dropped low, to shape the light however is required; it has the coolest on/off switch, and is just the perfect design, offering up beautiful soft light to improve one's winter mood.

Check out the video above.

Yuh Lamp   Louis Poulsen   Gamfratesi

It's actually a very good price for what it is (and compared to some of the 'classics') and I really recommend it! 😊

Best wishes,Laurence   

TG x 

Yuh Lamp   Louis Poulsen  Gamfratesi

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