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Please stay with us and use String's clever Build your own String tool to conjure the perfect system for you....and prepare to be amazed at the space that system makes in your life!  

Then download your specification from the String website and Email me for a great quote together with good old-fashioned proper service (we care about your shopping experience with us)

Or, come and see us in our Tetbury store (when we reopen after Lockdown 3). Both coffee and a comfy sofa are available to help draw up your plans!

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When leading Swedish publishing house Bonnier staged a competition calling for an affordable, easy to install shelving system for books back in 1949, few could have predicted the success story that would follow.

Husband and wife Nils and Kajsa Strinning came up with an ingenious solution. Flexible, elegant and minimalistic, it was crowned the winner and so String was born. The couple went on to refine the system to perfection, making sure it was beautiful as well as functional, and today it stands proudly as a timeless design with proven durability.

The addition of shelves, folding tables, cabinets and more over the past 70 years mean String can be infinitely expanded and has the ability to grow and change with customers over time.