Colourful, hard-wearing, super-functional, easy to clean plastic rugs. Made in Sweden
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After setting up a traditional loom at a small, family-owned mill in Dalarna, Sweden, Lina Rickardsson made a discovery that sparked a classic of Scandinavian design.

Inspired by a wealth of colourful plastic ribbons used to make rugs in the 1970s, Lina decided to weave experimental rugs of plastic would be the first of their kind on the market. She used a new tying technique and twice as much material as normal – and proved wrong the naysayers who thought the price of production would be too high to make her big idea a viable one.

Lina sold 124 of the thick, colourful rugs when they made their debut at a Stockholm trade fair in 2000. Today, Pappelina weaves some 100,000 rugs each year, has 40 employees in Dalarna and markets to 26 countries. The product range is increasing all the time, but the essence of Pappelina remains exactly the same… simple, stylish, functional.

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