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Based on an idea in which fragrance should become an additional sensory dimension to a room, designer Carsten Jörgensen wanted to create a series of fragrances that could enhance a particular spatial feeling and a memorable ambience in a contemporary home. With the five madetostay fragrances, he intended to make a reference to places which, due to its memorable fragrance, has made a deep impression on him. Be it the 479-year-old Limonaia or Orangery in Villa Medicea di Castello in Florence; the Blue Room in Skagen, Denmark, by the painter Anna Ancher; or the desert rain, driving from Phoenix to Santa Fe longing for rain and listening to “Surfin’ the USA” on the radio. Or imagining the fragrance of Magnolia surrounding Tennessee Williams’s literary contestation of life as lived in the southern states of America. Finally, the dream fragrance fantasized out of a Majorcan house designed by the British architect John Pawson and Silverstein...a fragrance named Sensational! That sensation of minimalistic space, light and shadow, and the comforting scent of dry heat and pine trees....

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