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The Louisiane bench - a fabulous statement piece!

Modern Curves and Comfort. The Louisiane bench, with its steel slats and timeless contemporary design, looks at home in any setting. It is a fabulous statement piece against the front of a house or in the garden, in a courtyard, or inside in a hallway, gallery or museum. Anywhere really!

My personal testament to FERMOB Quality!

"I bought Fermob Luxembourg dining chairs and a table for my garden about 10 years ago (long before I had my own store) and from that day to this we've loved it.

Together we've enjoyed hundreds of happy hours and everything the British weather can throw at us... It really is amazing quality.

The bright colours we chose are still as vibrant today as they were 9 winters ago. All that time I have just left the chairs and table uncovered outside, right through the year...
Fermob is made of tough stuff!

The only issue I ever had was entirely my fault - I stupidly covered the table with a tarpaulin the first winter we had it (I hadn't read the guidelines), and the table marked right underneath the weight I used to keep the tarp in place. Daft of me. But I resprayed that section (you can buy maintenance sprays for FERMOB) and it was fine and has been ever since.

So no long term damage done but don't do what I did and cover your table or chairs, just leave them outside like a car and they will be as good as new.

Sure, if you have room to bring them inside then great but you really don't need to.

I love the brand and I'm proud that I now sell it through our store. It's a fabulous company and if you're thinking about treating yourself to new garden furniture then I think FERMOB would be the best choice."

Treacle George

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