Bitossi Ceramiche | Rimini Blu Pottery | Aldo Londi

Rimini Blu by Bitossi Ceramiche

''A simple surface, consisting of handmade signs to create a frieze; a fantastic merry-go-round of abstract geometric symbols endlessly chasing one another. Enhanced by quick touches of colour that fix under the blue glaze and which, after being fired, magically reproduce the plays of light reflected in the sea''

  • Aldo Londi's iconic Rimini Blu Collection
  • Handmade in Montelupo near Florence, by Bitossi Ceramiche
  • Characterised by its Vibrant Blue Colour, Signature Carvings and Geometric Shapes
  • Made in White Refractory Clay and finished with a Beautiful Blue Glaze
  • Highly Collectible Art Objects for the Home
  • All unique and come with the Bitossi Stamp as a mark of their quality and authenticity.

Guido Bitossi, heir to a long dynasty, founded the ‘Maioliche artistiche Guido Bitossi’ factory in 1921 (although Bitossi Ceramiche's roots can be traced back to 1536).  

He proposed a type of production linked to the ancient ceramic traditions and classical styles of the Montelupo Fiorentino area of Italy.

The family-run company’s evolution powerfully manifested itself under the artistic direction of Aldo Londi, a man with an innate creative and aesthetic sense, and a keen eye for changes in taste and the uniqueness of Italian products.

Londi entered Bitossi in 1946 and was the undisputed protagonist for more than 50 years as a painter, artistic director &  researcher of styles and objects.

Londi's exclusive creations for Bitossi Ceramiche are highly cherished by collectors around the world today.