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FLENSTED MOBILES | Christmas Tree | 10 Trees | 50 x 45cm


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  • Contemporary Mobile by Flensted, a family business since 1954
  • Handmade in Denmark
  • Designed by Ole Flensted in 1983
  • The big classic Flensted Christmas tree with green and red colours of Christmas, under a yellow star.  
  • 50cm x 45cm

Designed by Ole Flensted, this is the classic Flensted Christmas tree. It combines the green and red colours of Christmas, which sit under the yellow star on the top of the tree. Remember to unfold the green trees, and to keep the box: you will enjoy this mobile for the next 20 Christmases to come. The shadows created by this mobile are just as gorgeous as the design itself.


Dimensions: 50x45cm

Colours: Red, Green, Yellow

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