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The Luxembourg Collection from Fermob. Made in France

10 or 15 years ago, Brits opting for metal outdoor furniture were few and far between; and certainly not colourful outdoor furniture.  But Blighty, whilst falling out of love with the EU political club,  is falling more in love with European outdoor furniture tastes, and we have our gallic cousins to thank for that, and in particular one chair.
The history of the Luxembourg Chair.
The Luxembourg chair has, over time, become a true icon of French style.  I say over time, because whilst it looks like a recent design, in actual fact, it has been in existence since 1923.   Quietly providing very comfortable public seating in the Jardin Du Luxembourg, and other Parisian parks, for almost a century now; for reading, lunch breaks, sunbathing and romance. It is Paris after all. ❤️
Senat Fermob Chairs pictured in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris


Originally named the Senat chair and made in steel, in 2003 this emblem of Paris life escaped the gates of the 'Luco' to conquer the world when Fermob's managing director Bernard Reybier (after winning the tender to supply Parisian parks) asked French designer, Frédéric Sofia, to reinterpret the design in aluminium, for a modern audience.  What turned out to be a very smart move for the company! 

A Fermob Luxembourg Chair in Honey Yellow,  designed by Frederic Sofia for Fermob, sitting on rocks with the blue sea behind.
Today Luxembourg is, by some distance, Fermob's most popular collection and they supply it around the world.
Demand rocketed as more and more people discovered Luxembourg (outside restaurants, cafes, museum gardens - in all kinds of public spaces, for people to try) and experienced just how good it is, frankly.  It's light, super-strong, and the chairs and benches stack.  
New Luxembourg pieces have been added over the years to beef up the collection both for outdoor dining, and more recently for outdoor lounging too.   And who doesn't want to lounge their way through summer!
I mentioned colour earlier. Each piece is available in 23 of Fermob's very own colours!  (and they didn't just pick colours from the French equivalent of B & Q; they developed their own, and they have a knack of choosing good ones!)
Luxembourg Tables, Dining Chairs and Benches:
Fermob Luxembourg Table (Rect 143 x 80cm), with a Fermob Luxembourg Bench down once side, and Fermob Luxembourg chairs around the other sides Fermob Luxembourg Table (Rect 207 x 100cm) with Fermob Luxembourg chairs and a bench, placed on a large decking area at sunset
Fermob Luxembourg can accommodate family and friends a plenty with 3 sizes of rectangular table and 2 square ones. The largest rectangular one (207 x 100cm) seats 8 diners very comfortably (10 cosily).  And putting Luxembourg armchairs on the ends, and Luxembourg chairs (no arms), or a Luxembourg bench down the sides works beautifully with this.
Luxembourg Lounge Chairs, Footstools, Bar Trolleys, and even a Rocker!
Fermob Luxembourg Low Armchairs, Low Armchair Duo and Fermob Luxembourg Footstools placed on a rooftop terrace
Fermob Luxembourg Lounge Armchairs and Lounge Chairs with a Luxembourg Low Bar Trolley used as a centre table, all next to the pool!


The Luxembourg collection now has lounging chairs for lazy afternoons or pre-dinner 'cocktailing'!   One can even gently rock the afternoon away in the Luxembourg 'rocker' (which we find sells particularly well in our shop for the man who has everything!)

A gentleman in tailored shorts, shirt and hat relaxing in a Fermob Luxembourg Rocking Chair, looking over a view of boats in a French river estuary .


The full collection of Fermob Luxembourg (and any Fermob item for that matter) is available through us here at Treacle George, and comes in these 23 colours below.  

If you'd like any advice on the pieces and colours then please just get in touch  Laurence from Treacle George  / 07736 3527877. Always happy to help.

Fermob Luxembourg 2022 Colours Palette.  23 colours available

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