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The best dinner parties we've hosted are when I've forgotten to put water glasses on the table.   Hydration, exclusively with beer and wine, seems to make for a good ol' night!  I have no empirical evidence for this, pretty obvious though I think it is. ( I suppose our neighbour Claire falling asleep with her face in the pudding, on a non-water glass evening, could perhaps count as empirical evidence! )

Admittedly, we were much younger then and who cares about a hangover when you're young!  Everything is about the night, without even a care for tomorrow.  Nowadays, quite the reverse! I'm getting jumpy a few hours before the night has even started, concerned about the morning after the night before!

Uncle Jim, in the late 1970's, wore bright jackets and drove an Audi 80 down the motorway at 100mph. I loved my Uncle Jim!

He also unwittingly introduced me to Peanuts via the bookshelves at the top of his and Auntie Toni's stairs (in Foxgrove Road, Beckenham) which were full to the brim with Peanuts comic strip paperbacks, by someone called 'Charles M. Schulz'.  

I didn't really understand what they were, and certainly didn't read them, over and above a quick flick inside one of them; I was too busy drinking Coca Cola and getting up to mischief with my cousins, Catherine and Sarah (twins nicknamed by Jim, Waff and Wheeze). But the books lodged in my head, all the same.

 10 or 15 years ago, Brits opting for metal outdoor furniture were few and far between; and certainly not colourful outdoor furniture.  But Blighty, whilst falling out of love with the EU political club,  is falling more in love with European outdoor furniture tastes, and we have our gallic cousins to thank for that, and particular one chair.

The history of the Luxembourg Chair. The Luxembourg chair has, over time, become a true icon of French style.  I say over time, because whilst it looks like a recent design, in actual fact, it has been in existence since 1923.   Quietly providing very comfortable public seating in the Jardin Du Luxembourg, and other Parisian parks, for almost a century now; for reading, lunch breaks, sunbathing and romance. It is Paris after all. ❤️

We're introducing coloured handled cutlery to the store / site this week.

It's from famed Italian design house and manufacturer, Mepra, based in Lumezzane, just outside of Brescia. 

Mepra's Fantasia Collection comes in 28 colours; from soft stylish muted hues, right the way through the rainbow to vibrant electric brights - think 1980's. 

A colour for every occasion and setting, for sure!

I bought Fermob Luxembourg dining chairs and a table for my garden about 11 years ago (long before I had my own store) and from that day to this we've used them, abused them, and absolutely loved them. Together we've enjoyed hundreds of happy family /friends' hours around them and they have endured everything the British weather can throw at them too...   Fermob really is built to last!  

I've been around the tableware business for 30 years and my preference to date has definitely been towards a simple white china canvas for my bounty.

But this. Wow! This is so new & clever, colourful & bold, and most importantly joyful.  The collection me salivate just looking at it, even before Ottolenghi's delicious recipes (or my appalling attempt at them) are layered on top.

I'm very proud that we are stocking this collection in Treacle George.  It is exactly what we are about.

Although not an officially recognised title, I reckon that anyone who has experienced the warm sheepskin embrace of the Lamino chair would say that it’s in with a good shout! At our showroom in Tetbury, this Swedish gem has become a firm favourite. 

Hello all, I'm Charlie, eldest son of shopkeepers Laurence and Alison and sporadic helper outer in the family business. Dad has tasked me today with writing a short blog post about the Lamino, so let's have a go. Do excuse my flowery turn of phrase; I've just graduated in Drama and I'm using this blog post as a creative outlet to satiate my artistic appetite. I hope dad doesn't mind.

Equally suited to the patio terrace or bottom of the garden, a muted lounge area or brightly lit table, our new HOOP string lights from FERMOB bring the very latest LED technology, and a good dollop of French style to your summer evenings.   

HOOP is a set of 8 tough polycarbonate LED lights, on a black ABS garland 6.2 metres long (easy to hang with a clever fastening system on each end).  

And it comes with another 6 metres of black power cable on top of that, to reach further into the garden, or higher into the tree!

You've probably either seen this mysterious little octagonal device somewhere along the way and wondered how the heck does that work, or you've used one and if that's the case you're probably still using one today.

I was in the former camp for far too long and wish now I'd discovered the Bialetti Moka Express way earlier.  It would have saved me a lot of money wasted on instant coffee (on tap), when one or two cups a day from this brilliant invention gets all four cylinders firing better than anything I know!

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