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Recline into brighter days in 'the most comfortable chair in the world'

Although not an officially recognised title, I reckon that anyone who has experienced the warm sheepskin embrace of the Lamino chair would say that it’s in with a good shout! At our showroom in Tetbury, this Swedish gem has become a firm favourite. 

Hello all, I'm Charlie, eldest son of shopkeepers Laurence and Alison and sporadic helper outer in the family business. Dad has tasked me today with writing a short blog post about the Lamino, so let's have a go. Do excuse my flowery turn of phrase; I've just graduated in Drama and I'm using this blog post as a creative outlet to satiate my artistic appetite. I hope dad doesn't mind.

Two espresso sheepskin Lamino chairs by Swedese with matching footstool. Perfect for a couple's relaxation space

Although we are currently closed to the public, myself and family have all too often been spyed catching forty winks in the Lamino when we aren’t packing orders for our lovely customers (you!) We have also endeavoured to keep Willy White the puppy away from it with moderate success. The Lamino tends not to stay empty for very long. This is because it is supremely comfortable. With one's feet up on the matching footstool and a coffee in hand (or indeed on the matching Swedese coffee table), the Lamino experience is difficult to beat. Comfort is king when it comes to this chair because when Yngve Ekström (co-founder of Swedese) designed it in 1956, his focus was on the human body in all its shapes and sizes. As a result, the chair is ergonomic and minimalist in a true mid-century Scandinavian style. I'm on the tall side myself, and feel very at ease lethargically sprawling in the Lamino (usually at about 2:30 when I take my siesta after a decent lunch). I would heartily recommend a spot near a window with a bit of warm afternoon sunlight. Blissful stuff.

Yngve Ekström black and white portrait circa 1955. Co-founder of Swedese

So, when we are again able to open our doors, do come and try out this divinely comfortable lounge chair. Stay as long as you like, and by all means have a kip, we promise we won’t kick you out. For now you’ll have to take me at my word that this chair is truly as cozy as it is attractive. You could also come and spy the Lamino in our shopfront window, but be warned, there's currently a Moomin who's taken residence in the chair who may not want to budge.

To conclude, as the days get longer and we look forward to better times ahead, I can't think of a nicer spot to rest up than in a Lamino.

Roll on springtime and take it easy,

Charlie @ Treacle George x

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Tony Colman

Tony Colman

April 05, 2021

Well done, Charlie ! You really describe the vibe that flows from this chair. However, for the absolute, ultimate in body sculpted lounging the Signature chair by Fritz Henningsen is The One to go for – such beautiful lines. Incidentally, you can try this one in the Tetbury shop as well !

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