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Love and care for your furniture with a Guardian 'Coat of Armour'

Protect your cherished piece of furniture with a Guardian Angel!

Guardian Protection Products from Denmark has a product for just about every furniture aftercare requirement.  Literally anything - we only stock their headline products! 

But we love stocking their brand because quite simply we think they're the best, and, more importantly, Denmark's leading furniture manufacturers, including Carl Hansen and Son, think so too!

Carl Hansen and Son craftsmen and women finish their classic designs in their workshops with Guardian Wood Oils and Soaps.  Hans J Wegner's Wishbone Chairs and all the other famous Carl Hansen pieces come out of their workshops with a Guardian 'coat of armour' to protect them.

  • Guardian Protection Products ensure the very best care for your furniture!
  • The user friendliness and quality of their products belong with the best on the market
  • Guardian products are tested by the Danish Technological Institute and have been conferred with “The Indoor Climate Label”. 

All wooden furniture requires care and that classic piece of cherished design in your home, together with a coat of Guardian soap or oil, is a marriage made in heaven!  

And, because of that it's a fun thing to do....I genuinely enjoy keeping the Treacle George showroom furniture protected and looking its best and I reckon you will too for your designs at home. As chores go, it's an easy one! 😃

With the right care, your furniture will maintain its natural properties, durability and good looks, for a lifetime and beyond.

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Guardian has amazing products for soaped or oiled finished furniture. If I can help with any further information or advice then please just ping me an email @: 

Laurence, TG x

1 Response

Delia O' Callaghan

Delia O' Callaghan

October 24, 2023

Hi Laurence, just wondering if you still sell Guardian Protection from Denmark oil? I bought from you previously and you sent a personalised note thanking so I’m buying more , do you still stock it, I’m looking for 3 tins, thanks

kind regards,
Delia O’ Callaghan

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