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Muurla Design Glass Watering Can in Clear Borosilicate Glass. 1.3L 990-130-00


Not only are those Finns the happiest folk in the world (six years in a row at the time of writing!), they're also a clever bunch with a distinct design pedigree of their own. Their style, like the Scandi design powerhouses of Sweden and Denmark, is rooted in Nordic minimalism for sure, but as a layman (I'm a merchant not a maker) it feels like Finnish Design is often enriched with warmer, more decorative influences, and with generous dollops of inspiration from their natural environment. Anyhow, there is no arguing with their fabulous design heritage, e.g. Arabia, Artek, Iittala, Marimekko, whatever the inspiration.

Muurla is a relatively new kid on the Finnish design scene. Actually, their story began way back in 1974, with a glass factory located near the town of Muurla (an hour so from Helsinki in the car), but in recent years Muurla has shifted emphasis, evolving into a modern design house, where Finnish design and functionality form the core of their design philosophy. Moomin products (it's Finland after all) also form a big part of their collection with Muurla now a key Moomin licensee producing products in enamel, glass and Finnish birch. 

Anyway, back to that Glass Watering Can!  

Muurla's Watering Can 0.8L, in Pink Toughened Glass.  990-080-04


Utilising modern technology and Borosilicate toughened glass (think chemistry lab glassware), Muurla Design has elevated the humble watering can into eye-catching design piece that deserves to be seen as well as used!  

Borosilicate glass is tough, durable and super light, and can be used indoors and around the balcony and patio.

Most importantly though, Muurla's watering cans pour cleanly, and that long spout means it's no problem targeting thirsty indoor plants in the tightest corners of the house.

Muurla's Watering Cans are available in 2 sizes; 1.3L (Clear Glass) and 0.8L (Pink or Teal Glass) 

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A Teal Borosilicate Glas Watering Can by Muurla Design. 0.8L. 990-080-02

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