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Fermob | HOOP - a modern outdoor lighting garland, big on tech and style!

Equally suited to the patio terrace or bottom of the garden, a muted lounge area or brightly lit table, our new HOOP string lights from FERMOB bring the very latest LED technology, and a good dollop of French style to your summer evenings.   

HOOP is a set of 8 tough polycarbonate LED lights, on a black ABS garland 6.2 metres long (easy to hang with a clever fastening system on each end).  

And it comes with another 6 metres of black power cable on top of that, to reach further into the garden, or higher into the tree!

 A young lady on a summer's evening hanging a FERMOB Hoop Lighting string in red ochre on a tree.

Each dynamic light can be swivelled 360°, and the soft warm illumination of the garland can be dimmed for ambience, or turned up to a whopping 960 lumens (whatever they are?) of brightness.  Bright enough to distinguish your late night Camembert from your Port Salut, that's for sure!

A female hand reaching up to adjust a FERMOB HOOP Garland Light in Acapulco Blue. Each light can be turned 360 degrees

And, best of all, you can do this from your pocket!   Thanks to HOOP's Bluetooth technology, the warm white light can be controlled and dimmed via the Fermob's Bluetooth lighting app.

A FERMOB HOOP Garland Light in Acapulco Blue. Eight soft warm LED lights on a black cable, against an early evening sky

I've tried them out in our Tetbury showroom and HOOP is a serious bit of lighting kit. Tough enough to work through all 4 seasons.  

I'm thinking about treating myself to two: one for our patio and one for in our garden/conservatory room indoors - we've never quite decided what that room is to be honest!

HOOP comes in three colour options: Acapulco Blue, Cactus or Red Ochre and is available on Treacle George.

Laurence TG x  

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Will Smith

Will Smith

August 27, 2022

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February 25, 2021

How do you purchase these lights
Thanks Keith

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